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At Gasser Naturstein in South Tyrol - Italy you will find the perfect fitting outdoor water tap. Choose from a wide variety of taps such as duck neck or rustic taps with different connection.

A particular favourite classic in our product range are water taps with an open watercourse which is a perfect match for any type of fountain. At the same time it has a calming and relaxing effect on our eyes and mind when we watch it, just like a mountain stream or spring.

The choice of the fountain tap depends on the external appearance of the stone fountain and your garden layout. The garden fountain faucets are made in our factory. This allows us to customize and produce the perfect faucet to fit to your garden. The high quality handmade outdoor faucets are made of brass or stainless steel and can have a classic round arch or a modern visible water spout, in the latter case you will not only notice the pleasant splashing of the water, but you can also see the water running. Over the years, the patina of brass faucets can get darker. 

Our taps can be mounted on the edge of the fountain, on the wall of the fountain, on the wall or freestanding on a concrete base. 



With an outdoor shower you bring wellness into your own garden.A warm - cold water shower is an enrichment for your garden, your sauna or for the swimming pool - whether as a pleasant cooling or warm shower.Our showers are made to order, whether freestanding or mounted on a beautiful South Tyrolean stone slab.It is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in your garden.

For any questions about outdoor showers for your garden, we are always available - contact us.






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